Water damage restoration service – call our certified restoration professionals!

  • Make sure you and your family are safe before worrying about your property.
  • As the best property restoration company around, we’ll take care of you.
  • Simply call us up for a comprehensive inspection and we’ll be right over.
  • Being certified by the IICRC, we know the latest trends in property restoration.
  • Our thorough and comprehensive services won’t be beaten by anyone around!

Water, water, water. It’s something that the natives tolerate, or even enjoy. But that feeling of joy quickly evaporates once water floods your home or business. Carpets get soaked, walls saturated, and papers ruined.

If you’re the victim of a flood water damage disaster, how can you get help? Call Moving Forward Restoration LLC and we’ll take care of it! With unbeatable property restoration services, we understand flood water damage and are confident you’ll love our services.

Fire damage restoration service – our team works with the utmost precision!

  • Fires are indiscriminate and aren’t very creative; they’ll consume whatever they can!
  • Sometimes, it seems that fires wait for summer to cause maximal damage.
  • Once the fire department puts a stop to the raging fires, where do you go from there?
  • Choose the best fire damage restoration service at Moving Forward Restoration!
  • Our great team of professionals is “hot stuff,” and we can fix just about anything.

Unlike water, fires are practically never wanted. A backyard bonfire during a burn ban may seem like an exciting way to rebel against the system, but it isn’t a wise decision. Many fire emergencies are caused by humans and could have easily been prevented, so it’s important to be careful! Whether it was your fault or a result of Mother Nature’s wrath, we can help you recover with our emergency fire damage restoration service.

Building restoration service – fire, water, mold, and more!

  • Never give up! No matter how bad your building is, we can help you.
  • Mold problems? No problem! Our mold clean up service will wipe the fungus out of existence.
  • Not sure you want help? Let us start out with an upfront estimate!
  • Damaged structures are no problem with our fire, water, and mold restoration construction services.
  • As the top property restoration service, we know just what you need.

Although all buildings are built to be sturdy, they won’t last forever. Water or flood damage, fires, and even mold can degrade the structural integrity of your home or office if not acted upon quickly. While some concerns can be addressed with do-it-yourself methods, larger issues should be handled by the professionals. And with IICRC certification for water damage and drying, be sure to call us first. Plus, we’re open 24/7 for emergencies, further solidifying Moving Forward Restoration LLC as the best emergency and disaster repair service around!

We can restore your building in Dunthorpe, Oregon!

A small region south of Portland, Dunthorpe has many large and impressive homes throughout the area. It’s where the rich and famous live when they want to be outside of the city center, but still near enough to have its benefits. It’s also said to be where famed actor Danny Glover has a home.

Although there are only a few dozen homes, the area does have its own magazine. With elegant homes, Dunthorpe is a hotbed for custom home remodeling, and the region has some of the most impressive homes around.  If you’re ever in the market for a high-end home, there’s plenty around, such as this one (previously owned by Japan’s consul general). And if an emergency arises and your Dunthorpe home needs property restoration, only the best should handle it, which is why you should call us right away!