Water and flood damage restoration service is no hassle for us!

  • Are you dealing with a severe water or flood damage event, such as a burst pipe or flooded basement?
  • Do you have a flood emergency that just can’t wait until the next business day?
  • Have your best-laid plans been put to waste due to extensive water damage?
  • Then call us for comprehensive water and flood damage restoration service!
  • Our experienced team is meticulous and thorough, and we fix your property right.

Water and rain can be a lot more dangerous than they seem. Those little drops that continuously bombard your house, especially during the chilly winter months, can find their way into any breaks in your roof or siding. Over time, those trace amounts of water can start to add up. In what seems like no time, you can get a puddle in your crawl space or even your attic! Wet conditions like this are perfect for mold growth, but if you call us right away, we can stop it and clean everything up before it gets out of hand.

Use a fire damage restoration service that makes the flames look cold

  • Fire emergencies are often the most efficient way to quickly maximize damage to your property.
  • Fire disasters are known for devouring fabric, furniture, wood, and practically everything else.
  • Sometimes, it almost seems like the fire has a mind of its own and is hard to sway.
  • After the damage is done, call us. We pride ourselves on being able to handle even the most severe fire emergency damage.
  • We always put maximum effort into your job for both speed and efficiency.

Fires can pop up in no time, and without catching them right away, they have the potential to completely decimate a property. But even fires that have been contained to a single room can cause an inordinate amount of damage. When torched with flames, your belongings, furniture, and even the walls become nothing more than the smoldering remains of what they once were.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, don’t give up! Our crew does fire damage restoration for all fire-related emergencies, and we can work on everything from a single section of a single room to a complete home restoration. Give us a call whenever you need us, and we’ll be there to help you move forward.

Our building restoration service covers just about anything

  • Dealing with a moldy attic or a dirty crawl space? We can take care of it for you!
  • Did mold manage to infiltrate your damaged roof? We’ll eliminate it!
  • Sewage problem you don’t want to handle? Then let us do it instead!
  • We start with an upfront estimate that covers everything we’ll be doing!
  • Have peace of mind knowing we’re the top building restoration service around!

It’s important when you have a major issue in your building to handle it quickly. Ignoring it and pretending it never happened will only cause more trouble later down the line. Maybe you thought it wasn’t a big deal and that the mold would go away on its own. Or maybe that water or flood damage was only a few gallons worth on your carpet, and you think a professional building restoration service is too costly for what seems like a minor problem.

Before making a decision that could cost you thousands down the line, call us at Moving Forward Restoration. You may be surprised at our great value and fair pricing.

Choose us for property restoration in Sylvan-Highlands, Oregon

Thanking a higher power for finding such a pleasant area, Nathan B. Jones chose the name “Sylvan” in Sylvan-Highlands┬ábecause it comes from the Silvanus, the Roman god of the woods. With several high-rated apartment complexes and a dedicated neighborhood association, residents can feel safe and secure knowing that they’re in good hands. Close to the Oregon Zoo is Verde Cocina at Sylvan Highlands, a restaurant that can cater to any diet, including vegan, paleo, and gluten-free.

Feel free to grab a bite to eat while we handle your property restoration!