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Property restoration BeavertonSearching for property restoration in Beaverton?

Though close to Portland, Beaverton residents have a life all their own. At SW West St and SW Broadway St is Art on Broadway, an art gallery that showcases talented local artists. One end of town has the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, a large 225-acre park filled with hiking trails, picnic areas, wildlife, and more. At the other end of town is the Ponzi Historic Estate, an older winery and one of the few operational wineries in Oregon over 50 years old. Older properties like this can be susceptible to damage from the elements, especially when there are flood warnings on major rivers. If you’ve been the victim of flooding or any other significant property damage, call up Moving Forward Restoration LLC for property restoration in Beaverton, and we’ll help get everything back the way it should be.

Home property restoration and much more!

Our team is prepared to help. Along with our extensive experience with water and fire damage restoration, we can aid you with many other parts of your home or business as well. Some of our major services include:

Have water damage or a flooded basement?

When it comes to water damage, we don’t take chances. Using state-of-the-art equipment like the KleenRite Mega 3 Flood Extractor, any standing water will be taken out in no time. Afterward, or if you only had damp floors to begin with, we’ll use the advanced LGR Evolution and Revolution dehumidifiers. They’ll make sure to get rid of any remaining dampness or moisture in your floors.

IICRC certified water damage restoration

Getting everything done right is important. And to prove we’ll do whatever it takes to fix your property, our technicians have IICRC certification for water damage as well as structural drying. With regular examinations that test knowledge and techniques, both applied and theoretical, you can be sure that when you see the IICRC logo, you’re getting the highest quality around!


We’re prepared for fire damage restoration tooFire and water damage restoration Beaverton

Fire and smoke damage can severely hurt your property. From damaging your belongings to the very walls themselves, coming home after a fire can be overwhelming. Along with helping fix your walls and property, we’ll make sure your air quality gets back to normal as well. With the help of the HEPA 500, even the smallest of harmful particles will be filtered out of your home.

Sewage backups are no joke

When you have a sewage backup, there’s a much bigger problem than foul odor. Sewage can quickly cause health issues and infections if not cleaned fast.

Mold remediation stops the spread of mold

When black mold starts to appear, you need to act fast to get rid of it. Using safe, natural cleaners, our mold remediation service stops mold before it has a chance to spread.

Don’t forget crawl space clean ups too!

If you have a crawl space at your property, you might not go down and clean it often. And you don’t have to start when there’s an accident! We’re happy to do crawl space clean up for you.

Restoration construction helps you rebuild

After we’ve fixed everything we can, there’s a good chance that some parts of your home will need to be replaced. Let us do restoration construction for you. It’s just one of the many ways that we’re standing by, helping you, move forward.

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