Mold Removal BeavertonDo you need mold removal in Beaverton?

If you’ve ever fought against mold before, you know that it’s a tough opponent. It gets knocked down and pops right back up again, sometimes even if you use the most powerful chemical cleaners. This is an especially common scenario if you’re dealing with water damage; it can also be a sign that you could have a problem with your pipes if the mold appears unexpectedly. But if you’ve tried all of the conventional methods already and they aren’t working, what can you do? And how can you tell if there’s a bigger problem? Call up the professionals at Moving Forward Restoration LLC. As your local experts for mold removal in Beaverton, we’ll make sure any mold at your property is put down for good.

Is there more than one type of mold? You may have noticed that the mold that sometimes appears in damp areas like the corners of the bathtub is a different color than the one that appears on aged foods such as bread. The USDA claims that there are 10,000 types of mold; maybe as many as 300,000 or even more! Fortunately, many of them aren’t toxic. However, Stachybotrys chartarum, a type of black mold, produces harmful mycotoxins that can cause problems with breathing, allergic reactions, and much more. But mold can be helpful too. Penicillin is made from a type of mold and instead of causing sickness, it actually helps eliminate them! Our team identifies and kills harmful molds like dangerous black mold and will help make sure it can’t come back. 


Mold Remediation Beaverton

Why does mold keep coming back?

Mold is a microscopic organism that can only be seen in large quantities. Because of this, it can be difficult to find an eliminate it entirely in an environment where it thrives.

  • Mold can grow easier in damp places. This is why it is especially common after having water damage at your property.
  • Leaking pipes are a common way that mold can start to accumulate. Watch for discolorations or odd smells at the walls.
  • The mold you can see is only part of the problem. It can also gather in hard-to-reach-places and spread out again from there.

Need other kinds of property restoration?

Along with our mold remediation services, we do fire and smoke damage restoration, water and sewage cleanup, restoration construction, and much more!

We use natural cleaners for mold remediation

Many restoration companies use bleach-based cleaners or other industrial chemicals in order to get rid of mold. While these certainly do the job, they may do a little too good of a job at killing. Sodium hypochlorite, an active ingredient in bleach, is rated as highly toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that along with getting rid of mold, it has the potential to cause health hazards of its own. At Moving Forward Restoration, we opt for natural cleaners such as Mold Express, that has been shown to be just as effective for killing bleach but with minimal health risks. Our goal isn’t just to stop the immediate problem, but avoid future ones as well! Call or contact us to today for a free visual inspection.