Act fast! Getting water damage restoration done quickly can save you time and money!

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November 28, 2017
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Emergency Restoration Portland

When you have an emergency, acting fast can make all the difference

Nobody wants to come home to find their home flooded. And of course, it almost always seems to happen when you’re away from the house for an extended period of time. If you planned on taking care of this right away by letting the professionals come and handle it, you might have run into a roadblock. Some emergency restoration companies in the Portland metro area are only open during regular business hours, Monday – Friday from 9 to 5. But if many people have work at this same time, that means they have to take time off to get it taken care of. And you don’t want to wait all weekend if you have a pipe burst! Getting property restoration done right away is your best option for many reasons, and it can save you both time and money.

Get the experts over to help with water damage quickly!

When you have a major water damage event such as a broken pipe or a busted water fixture, obviously the longer it runs, the more damage that you’ll get. And while it might seem like a linear relationship–one hour of letting it run over should be 60 times worse than one minute–it’s actually a progressive scale and can be even worse than that.

Your overall water damage depends on when and where the problem starts

Emergency Restoration Portland

If you have a flooded basement, a lot of the water damage can be contained to that one area. Depending on your basement floor material and your home layout, any damage might be able to be contained to that one region. Many basements are made out of concrete, which for the most part is an impenetrable surface. Instead of water soaking into the floor, it will stay on top of it and can be removed with a flood extractor.

But if it’s in your crawlspace or in your bathroom, this can be a different story. Water is the bane of wood and carpet (and the wood underneath carpet). Unlike hard concrete, these softer materials are porous enough to let water soak in. For carpet, this makes it squishy and can eventually make it crunchy, while damaging the subfloor underneath. And even if–for some reason–you like the feel of crunchy carpet, leaving it wet and having it dry off on its own will almost certainly make mold start to appear throughout your property.

Water damage gets much worse over time

One of the primary reasons you want to stop water damage immediately is because of mold. Often, if you have a professional come by within 24 hours of the water damage event, they can get the restoration process started before mold has a chance to set in; depending on how severe the damage is of course. Another reason to have a restoration company come by right away is because the water damage may spread–even if you can’t see it. Unfortunately, wood takes a long time to dry and requires the use of air movers, dehumidifiers, and other industrial-grade restoration equipment. But a smart property restoration uses high-end equipment to significantly speed up this time!

Property Restoration Emergency Portland

Find a restoration company that works anytime

It seems like catastrophies like water damage never happen at a convenient time. If you’re unlucky enough to have your plumbing system disintegrate, it seems like it happens immediately after you lock the door to take that weeklong trip you’ve been saving up for. Or maybe you do get to be there to witness it firsthand, only for it to start at 5:01 PM on Friday on a holiday weekend. And with many companies not taking emergency calls past their scheduled hours, if you call a company to find out they can’t come, it might seem like you’re out of luck. But if you go with one of Portland’s top-quality emergency restoration companies, you’ll not only find knowledgeable restoration who can help fix virtually any natural disaster, but they’ll get there quickly and stop water damage before it has the chance to spread and become much more costly than it should be.