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October 24, 2017
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Act fast! Getting water damage restoration done quickly can save you time and money!
December 12, 2017
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Restoration Equipment Portland

Does restoration equipment really make a difference?

Picture this: It’s the 21st century, and you see a horse and buggy trying to keep up with traffic on the freeway. Does that make sense? Maybe for a casual, romantic stroll in the park, but not to get home before the next batch of Netflix Originals enters your queue! The same principle holds true for property restoration as well. Some restoration companies still use the same equipment that was outdated a decade ago, refusing to move on with the times because what they have works “good enough”. But newer equipment makes a world of difference! No matter how competent the technician, if they’re held back by obsolete restoration equipment, their abilities cap out quickly. A restoration company is only as good at their equipment! Some of the latest technological advances allow for quick and thorough restoration, saving you precious time; and money too.

Restoration Equipment Portland

Get water damage equipment that sucks–all the water away!

When it comes to water damage, the residual damage is messy. In fact, it’s often worse than the initial surge. Water damage is particularly harmful because items and structures that aren’t designed to withstand moisture get soaked and there isn’t a way to dry them out without special machines. This means that good equipment is required to force dry these materials and stop mold from growing.

First, you need to get rid of the water

Before you even begin to worry about drying out your property, you need to get rid of all of the water. And if you have a flooded basement, you could have standing water that you need gone asap! For more extensive water damage such as this, a flood extractor is an important tool. One that’s become popular recently is the Kleenrite Mega 3 Flood Extractor. This unit has extraction power that typically required a dedicated truck compacted into a portable unit. With a 14-gallon waste tank and multi-stage vacuums, this device makes quick work of any standing water in your property.

Once the water is gone, you need to dry out the rest

The flood extractor makes quick work of extracting the flood. But what about drying out what’s left? This process takes significantly more time, thanks in part to how difficult it is to get heat into structures beyond the surface. Your household hairdryer simply isn’t strong enough. Industrial dryers can still take awhile to complete the process, but advanced equipment significantly shortens this time. There are several items that can work in tandem to make your house dry once more, including:

  • Air movers and dryers are large fans that work more effectively than the residential variety. Axial air movers and wall cavity dryers have the ability to infiltrate areas that weaker air flow simply can’t penetrate. This means that you don’t have to wait for the drying process to finish naturally, as it can be sped up.
  • Dehumidifiers work by pulling moisture out of the air and collecting it inside of the unit. And the LGR Revolution and Evolution models are some of the strongest models around. But how exactly do they accomplish this? Dehumidifiers function by pulling warm air through the fan and then cooling it down once it gets to the refrigerated coils. This forces any water vapor to change into a liquid, where it collects in a basin. Meanwhile, the unit continues to pull the air mixed with water in from the surface.
  • Indirect heating systems work differently than direct heating because they separate the byproducts of the heating system so that only clean air is circulated within an indoor property. This makes the property safer to occupy while an indirect heating system is in use, while heat is still added to the wet structures to increase drying speed.
Does third-party certification matter? When it comes to the intricacies of water damage, certification from a prestigious company like the IICRC makes all the difference! IICRC certification means technicians uphold the highest standards and stand by their work.

Special equipment helps in a fire too

A major fire can be particularly devastating if it requires the fire department to put it out. Because this means that your home is doused with gallons of water rapidly, you can get a hearty dose of water damage along with charred remains. Because of this, on top of the water damage equipment used above, you need even more equipment to take care of the fire damage.
Fire Restoration Equipment Portland

Air quality can be dangerous after a fire

Even after all the smoke has settled, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is safe. Smoke damage can do much more than discolor your walls. And unfortunately, that damage may continue even after it’s invisible to the naked eye. A primary concern of smoke is that it reduces the amount of breathable oxygen. But besides that, burnt items can force harmful particulates into the air. The damage from these can range from minor irritations to deadly combinations that must be avoided at all costs. Toxic carbon monoxide and liquid droplets from burnt material can become airborne too. But fortunately, the right equipment can take care of these problems.


An industrial air-purifier can make your dirty air cleaner than ever!

To combat all the dangers of smoke, a high-quality air filtration system is essential. One of the best ones on the market right now is the DefendAir HEPA 500 air scrubber and negative air machine. Using advanced filtration technology, up to four units can be powered on a single circuit and placed at strategic points of your property. With an efficiency rating of 99.97%, this incredible machine not only attacks smoke particulates, but can reduce the odors too! As efficient filter used in this device was used clean radioactive dust particles, meaning it’s more than enough for a typical fire and will likely make your air the cleanest it’s ever been!

Make sure your emergency restoration company uses advanced equipment

With all the difference that top-of-the-line equipment can make, it’s important that you work with a company that knows that high-end devices are an investment and can make a phenomenal difference for their customers. And at Moving Forward Restoration LLC, we use all of the above equipment that’s operated by knowledgeable technicians with many years of experience in the industry to maximize the efficiency of your restoration job.