Property Restoration Camas

Property restoration CamasWant the best property restoration Camas has to offer?

A town with a balanced mixture of industry and nature, Camas has a little bit of everything. The expansive Lacamas Lake has several miles of waterfront trails for hikers and several playsets for children to enjoy on a sunny day. Rain is common in Camas. But there’s still swimming options at the Lacamas Athletic Club on NW Endicott St that boasts indoor swimming, basketball, gym weights, and more. Many local residents work at the Camas Mill off SE 3rd Ave, a major paper supplier in the region. With such a big mill, the occasional fire is inevitable, but fast response like at the recent small mill fire can make all the difference. That’s where Moving Forward Restoration LLC comes in. With a 45 minute response time, when you need us for property restoration in Camas, we’ll be there, helping you, move forward.

Our home and business property restoration covers everything you need

When you choose us, you don’t have to worry about hiring another company to do part of the work. We can handle anything to do with property restoration so you can work with us from start to finish.

Choose our IICRC certified technicians for water damage

When you have water issues such as standing water in your living room or a flooded basement, getting it taken care of the right way is critical for your property. As an IICRC certified water restoration company, we’re the right people for the job. Becoming IICRC certified isn’t easy. They test both knowledge and practical skills to make sure technicians are ready for any situation. With certification in water damage restoration as well as the drying process, when it comes to water, we’ve got you covered.


Fire and water damage restoration CamasWe’ll extinguish fire and smoke damage

As devastating as the initial fire can be for your property, the lasting effects can be even more so for your health. Fortunately, we’re ready to put them out with our fire damage restoration services.

  • When something burns, byproducts of combustion float through the air and are harmful to inhale
  • These harmful particulates can cause lung damage and other health concerns over time
  • Using the HEPA 500 air filter, we’ll see to it that the air in your house is fresh and clean
  • With the ability to filter over 99.9 percent of particles, it might be even cleaner than ever!

Want help rebuilding after the disaster?

Along with our restoration services, feel free to call us for restoration construction as well!

Have a dirty crawl space? We do crawl space clean ups

If you a crawl space that’s dirty or needs some maintenance, you don’t have to do it on your own. We can stop by for crawl space clean up so you don’t have to venture beneath your property.

We get rid of sewage backups–the safe way

Sewage is one of the most unsanitary substances around. But how much better is it to dump harsh chemicals in your house? Thankfully, we don’t make you choose. Using the proven effective Benefect, a botanical alternative to restoration cleaning, we get the job done safely. It’s powerful enough to handle even the most intense situations like sewage backups but clean enough that your countertops and other areas will still be safe for immediate use.

A natural solution for mold remediation

Using a natural, safe approach to cleaning doesn’t just apply to sewage. We don’t use bleach or other harmful substances for mold remediation either. We can stop mold by stopping its growth–the natural way!

Call us for property restoration in Camas

With 24-hour emergency restoration response, you’re never alone when you choose us!