It’s time to get rid of that nasty mold in your Camas property!

If you’ve been dealing with mold in your property for a while, you’ve probably tried several ways to get rid of it already. And in some cases, it might even seem like you were successful because you can no longer see any of it. But unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve got it taken care of. Especially after you’ve dealt with water damage, the mold you see isn’t always all the mold you get. And the mold you can’t see can be even more of a problem than what you thought you’d taken care of! But if it’s somewhere you can’t see like in your walls, how can you possibly stop it? Let Moving Forward Restoration, LLC help. Our property restoration company does mold removal in Camas to clear up your property.

Bleach can cause as many problems as mold in high amounts

Bleach is great at killing living things. In fact, it may even be a little too good. Most organisms don’t stand a chance against bleach; including the living bacteria and microorganisms that keep your body functioning like normal.

  • Mold Removal CamasThe active ingredient in chlorine bleach is a substance called sodium hypochlorite. While very effective as a disinfectant, you certainly don’t want to leave it on any surface you touch or use regularly.  It’s considered very toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Many industrial-grade synthetic chemicals come with warning labels that advise on particular usage and caution you against using them for anything else. This is because some of these chemicals can cause vomiting or nausea, or can even damage vital organs.
  • So if we don’t use bleach-based artificial compounds at Moving Forward Restoration, what do we use instead? Mold Express is a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner that targets mold. We combine this with Benefect, a botanical cleaner that’s very safe and non-toxic.

Isn't it worth the risk to get rid of mold if it's so dangerous?

Many other mold companies think that it’s worth the risk, especially when you’re dealing with harmful black mold. We don’t. Why take any additional risks when there are methods that will do the job without the chances of dealing with the dangerous side effects of industrial-grade chemicals? We have a better way. Using sustainable, eco-free mold removal methods, we make sure to get rid of the mold while keeping your property safe for you and your family.

    Mold Remediation Camas

    Our mold remediation in Camas is the best around

    As the leading property restoration company in the Camas area, our mold removal services will see your property restored back to normal. And if the cause of your mold happens to be from water damage, you’ll be in good hands! We’re IICRC certified for water damage restoration and applied structural drying. And with the ability to work on both residences and commercial buildings, we can handle any type of property. Our skilled team is familiar with fire and smoke damage restoration, crawlspace cleanups, sewage backups, and restoration construction as well. If there’s a problem with your property after a disaster, more than likely, we can fix it! Give us a call today to find out how we can help you move forward.