Fire Damage Restoration

Looking For the Experts in Fire Damage Restoration?

Then look no further than Moving Forward Restoration LLC. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we understand all the damage–both immediate and the after effects– that a fire can have on your property. And while the memory of the disaster will stick with you, once we complete our fire restoration services your property will almost look like it never happened.

We use top-of-the-line equipment to restore your home or business

When a fire is burning, it leaves behind smoke, soot, and other small particulates that stay in the air and are harmful to your lungs. Using the state-of-the-art HEPA 500 air filtration system, we’ll see that your property is restored to its former state. Our system captures over 99.9% of particles while also removing smells from smoke and other odors and returns your air back to indoor quality levels, so you can have clean air to breathe in once more. Along with fires, this filters the air from sewage backups and mold too!


With fires, there’s damage from more than flames

When a fire happens in a home, the intensity and fast spread of the flames may seem overwhelming. But once they’re put out, sometimes the smoke they leave behind can leave more lasting damage to the property. Along with an unpleasant odor that is difficult to remove, smoke can cause health issues that may continue to persist. Smoke residue can cause damage to your eyes as well as your lungs, and the longer your exposure to it, the greater the risk. Because of this, you should have fire damage restoration done as quickly as possible by experts like us to minimize any adverse effects to you, your property, and your family. And once we’ve cleaned everything up, we’ll gladly help you rebuild again!

How can a fire cause water damage? If you have a larger fire, the fire department might need to put it out. Spraying your property for long enough will cause water damage, but we can help you with that too!

Fire damage restoration the right way

When you call us for fire restoration, we make sure that you’re taken care of. Not only do we make sure that damage from the flames themselves is fixed, but we thoroughly check your entire property for smoke damage. This meticulous inspection includes hard-to-reach areas like your crawl space and makes sure that when we’re through, you won’t have any lasting effects. So give us a call and contact us today for fire damage restoration and let us help you move forward.

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