Fire and smoke damage restoration PortlandDo you have problems with fire and smoke damage in Portland, Oregon?

Interior fire disasters are oftentimes devastating. Large fires can seem to consume everything around them, leaving broken remnants of furniture, home structures, and more. On top of that, smoke can leave a lasting odor and can potentially cause health problems if enough contaminants are inhaled. With so much destruction brought on by these emergencies, how do you move on?

Let Moving Forward Restoration LLC help you take that first step. We’re your local experts in fire and smoke damage restoration in Portland, Oregon, and we’ll be there from start to finish, helping you move forward.

What about the burnt items in my home?

We’ll clean them up for you! Although it may seem like a straightforward task, cleaning up after a fire can be difficult. We know the proper techniques and strategies used to clean up after a fire, and we have proper safety equipment to make sure that nobody gets hurt in the process. And as soon as we’re done with the initial cleanup, we’ll go straight to work on the restoration!

Don’t breathe in the smoke! Like breathing in second-hand smoke, smoke from fires is also harmful and can leave behind traces of soot and other impurities!

Our fire restoration service includes air purification

Smoke damage cleaner PortlandWhile residential air purifiers work great for everyday conditions, they aren’t built for intense situations like fire emergencies. Our air filtration system is.

  • The HEPA 500 air filtration is a top-of-the-line advanced air filter that can greatly improve your air quality.
  • Over 99.9 percent of contaminants are filtered through this system, which works in even the harshest environments.
  • Along with cleaning the air, the HEPA 500 will also reduce or even eliminate leftover odors from smoke too!
Don’t wait! If you’re present when the fire department is at your property, call us and we’ll prepare to start work as soon as they’re through!

You may need both fire and water restoration

Depending on the severity of the fire, firefighters may be called on to put out the flames. This can make your property damage worse because the water used to put out the fire could result in water or flood-like damage, too. Our air filtration system works to clean up and prevent the spread of mold, too, and we’ll do whatever we can to contain any further damage.

Don’t touch that! After the flames are gone, some items in your home may continue to remain hot. We recommend letting us handle everything so nobody gets burned.

Choose Moving Forward Restoration LLC for fire damage restoration

As experts in property restoration, we’re ready for any disaster. Along with fires, we can help you with other difficult jobs such as sewer backups and even crawl space cleanups. And once we’re done, we’ll even help you with restoration construction if you’d like to rebuild the structures that are too damaged to repair.

Choose us at Moving Forward Restoration LLC with confidence and call or contact us today for fire and smoke damage restoration in Portland, Oregon!

How do I get started?

Start by giving us a call, and we’ll guide you from there!