Property Restoration Gresham

Property restoration Gresham

Do you want only the best property restoration in Gresham?

Butting right up against a large city neighbor, Gresham is always going beyond standard expectations. Home to Mt. Hood Community College off NE Kane Dr and Se Stark St, the impressive campus even houses its own planetarium. A few miles away at Powell Blvd and Se Roberts Ave is the Tsuru Japanese Park, a brilliant combination of nature and architecture. These and other locations are under the watchful eye of the vigilant Gresham Fire Department. But even with their fast response times, some local homes and businesses still suffer fire damage. If your home has been in a fire or had other damage from an accident or natural disaster, call Moving Forward Restoration LLC for property restoration in Gresham.

Need fire and smoke damage restoration?

As soon as the fire is extinguished, you can call us to head over right away for fire damage restoration. By calling us as soon as possible, we can limit the damage done to your property and possessions and minimize the health hazards of smoke and soot. We use an advanced air filter system that removes more than 99.9% of contaminants out of your air so that you can breathe clean once more. We’ll also salvage whatever we can and help you rebuild what can’t be repaired with restoration construction if you’d like.

Some surfaces are hot! After a fire, avoid touching objects if possible, as they can remain hot long after the flames are put out.

Have water damage or a flooded basement?

If you notice standing water where it shouldn’t be, call us immediately to help take care of it. Stop the water if you’re able to, then let us come by and extract any leftover water with our top-of-the-line equipment so you can avoid hefty repairs. By addressing water damage quickly, it won’t have a chance to fester and invite mold and other harmful microbes in. We’re here for more severe problems like a flooded basement or sewage backups too. For those cases, we’ll use our water extractor and advanced dehumidifiers to make it seem like it never happened!

Need help with restoration repairs?

Along with our restoration services, we can help you with restoration construction too!

Fire and water damage restoration GreshamBe careful of mold

In cases where water has been sitting for a while or if it has penetrated the floor or drywall, mold can grow. Mold is a problem for many reasons and isn’t something you should take lightly.

  • Some people are allergic to molds and can have a serious or even fatal reaction if they breathe in too much.
  • Mold can cause headaches, skin irritations, fatigue, and possibly infections that can lead to more severe issues.
  • Properly removing mold can be difficult, as it can hide in places you can’t see and seem to return repeatedly.
  • Many restoration companies kill mold with harmful chemicals. We use all-natural Benefect, a safe, natural substitute.

Sewage is even more dangerous

A sewage backup isn’t something to take lightly. Sewers are prime for bacteria growth, and even standing nearby it for too long could result in sickness or infection. We have the right tools for the job and clean it with the same powerful, natural cleaner as with mold.

We even do crawl space clean ups!

Don’t want to crawl down under your house? No problem. Simply call us up for crawl space clean up and our qualified team will be there, helping you, move forward.

Choose us for property restoration in Gresham

You won’t find a better combination of speedy response, qualified technicians, or friendly service anywhere around!