Property Restoration Happy Valley

Property restoration Happy ValleyWonder who to go with for property restoration in Happy Valley?

Towards the outskirts of Portland, Happy Valley came before the television series of the same name and is a much more joyful place. Home to Hood View Park off SE Stadium Way, this rare combination of sports facilities and walking paths provides enjoyment for nature-goers and sports enthusiasts alike. At the opposite end of town at SE Hagen Road is the annual Pickathon music festival, which showcases local rock and bluegrass bands. Before you get stuck in the crowd enjoying the live show, don’t forget to check your appliances and bathtubs! Forgetting to double-check these things is one of the leading causes of damage to your residence. If this happens to you, Moving Forward Restoration LLC is standing by to help. Our property restoration in Happy Valley is so thorough, you can’t help but smile once more!

Have water damage? We’re IICRC Certified for water damage restoration!

Water damage doesn’t stand a chance against our IICRC restoration technicians. Going through the extensive training to earn certification for water damage restoration, we know the best practices to fix your property after it’s incurred damages from water. And we’re happy to start with a free visual inspection to give you an idea of what the process covers!

Where there’s water, mold often follows. Choose us for mold remediation!

Always the dedicated lackeys, mold and mildew are often hot on the heels of water damage. However, they can be a bit shy as well and sometimes hide in places you can’t see.

  • Because mold is a tiny microscopic organism, it can get into the cracks of your drywall and cause damage without your notice.
  • If you don’t catch it fast, it spreads quickly. Since mold thrives on moisture, it’s hard to get rid of without water damage restoration.
  • As part of the restoration process, we always include an inspection to see if mold remediation is necessary as well.

Need help looking over the property or with rebuilding?

We can check crawl space clean up and restoration construction services off your list as well!

Let us handle any sewage backups

Sewage is bad enough when it stays when it’s supposed to be. But when it comes back up, it’s a severe issue that should be handled immediately. Infection and other health hazards are a strong possibility because the water is contaminated, and sewage backup cleanup should only be handled by trained professionals. Our experienced team will make quick work of this unpleasant issue and leave no trace of it behind.

How do I know when it’s safe to come in? After dangerous situations like sewage backups, we always triple-check before approving the return of you and your family. Our powerful natural cleaners take care of the problem quickly without harsh side effects!

Fire damage restorationWhen the flames die down, we’ll take care of the fire and smoke damage restoration

Large fires are particularly damaging because they have lasting effects that take awhile to materialize. Along with the initial devastation, smoke and soot particles float around the air and can cause breathing difficulties. And of course, if the fire department needed to come by, they’ll add damage from water on top of it! Fortunately, our team is ready to handle fire damage restoration and everything that comes along with it.

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