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Are you tired of having mold in part of your house that just won’t go away? Have you sprayed your household cleaner on it and wiped it away, just for it come back and taunt you once more? Is smashing down the drywall sounding to seem like a logical, practical idea? Call Moving Forward Restoration, LLC first! We do mold removal in Hillsboro with over a decade’s worth of mold fighting experience backing us up.

Even though mold is a tiny, microscopic fungus, we know that it has a big personality. And not in a good way. Because we have so much experience with it, we know that when it’s knocked down, it can find a way back up if we don’t make it stay down. And our combination of natural cleaners and modern techniques makes quick work of the job.

You mean you use those orange and green cleaners instead of bleach?

Mold Remediation HillsboroGetting rid of the mold is important, we understand that. But do you want to be left with a home in unsafe conditions because harmful chemicals have seeped into the walls, the floors, and the very air itself? We have a way to avoid that while still taking care of the mold.

  • Bleach uses the active ingredient sodium hypochlorite. The CDC gives numerous warning for its usage, and it has the potential to cause all sorts of health concerns.
  • Simply touching a high concentration of it can cause redness, burns, band blisters, while ingesting it can cause a burning sensation, unconsciousness, or shock.
  • Industrial cleaners use this dangerous substance as well as other chemical disinfectants that require significant safety precautions to simply apply it in your home.
What do you use instead?¬†At Moving Forward Restoration, we’ve opted to go the natural route and use a combination of Mold Express and Benefect for our mold removal services. Both of these cleaners have been thoroughly¬†tested and proven to be capable of mold remediation without the associated risks that sodium hypochlorite cleaners bring along with them.

Our restoration service does mold remediation in Hillsboro and more!

One of the most common times you deal with a sudden influx of mold in your home is after you have a water damage event. But if you work with us, you don’t have to call a separate company to do mold removal and water damage restoration; we do them both! And just because we diversify doesn’t mean we slack off. With certification from the prestigious IICRC for water damage and structural drying, we do whatever it takes to see the job done the right way. Along with both of these, we also do sewage backup cleanups, fire and smoke damage restoration, crawl space cleanup, and can even help you rebuild with our restoration construction service. We can do it all! Call or contact us today for mold removal in Hillsboro or any other restoration service you need.

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