Property Restoration Lake Oswego

Property restoration Lake Oswego

Searching for an emergency restoration company in Lake Oswego?

Lake Oswego prides itself in being a distinguished city. The top-rated local farmer’s market that happens weekly from mid-May to mid-October at Millenium Plaza Park at Evergreen Rd and 1st St always draws an impressive crowd. Art is an important staple of the community. With both the Arts Council of Lake Oswego and the Lakewood Center for the Arts, many impressive pieces of art are on display for the community to admire. While the art is irreplaceable, if you have fire or water damage at your home, Moving Forward Restoration LLC can at least help restore the other parts of your property. From inspection to reconstruction, we’ll make sure everything is done right the first time.

Have a fire recently?

Fires aren’t something to mess around with. But sometimes, your property can have a fire without your knowledge. Whatever the cause, a major fire can cause extreme damages to your home or office. Along with the destroyed furniture and building structures, harmful smoke can be stuck in the air. Even after it seems gone, soot and other particulates can remain in the air.  Because of this, we always bring in the hefty HEPA 500 air filtering system that filters out over 99.9% of unwanted particles to make your air as clean–or even cleaner–as before.

Let us help you rebuild!

Fire and water damage can be devastating, but property restoration is only one step. That’s why we’re available for restoration construction as well!

Property restoration services Lake Oswego

Be careful if you have water damage!

While it may not seem as severe at first glance, water damage can have lasting effects if not addressed quickly.

  • If you have any visible or standing water, that often means there are deeper problems in your subfloor as well.
  • In moist areas, mold can thrive and spread to other sections of your property, a potential health hazard.
  • Along with odor and health issues, sewage backups can also cause water damage and should be looked at immediately.


We are IICRC Certified in water damage

Because water can be tricky, we’ve gone through testing to become IICRC certified for water restoration and applied structural drying. IICRC certification requires that a company meet strict guidelines and regulations that show that they will go above and beyond in service and demonstrate applied practical knowledge and techniques.


Call us for emergency restoration

When disaster strikes, we’re here for you. Have a fire or flood at 3 AM in the morning? We’ll answer. Because accidents by definition are unpredictable, we try to stay as predictable and easy-to-reach as possible and have 24-hour availability. And with a 45 minute response time, it won’t take long for us to show up and start the restoration process. Whenever you need us, our local restoration company is here to help. That’s how we work with you, helping you, move forward. So call or contact us to see how our restoration services can help you today!