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Property restoration MilwaukieNeeding property restoration in Milwaukie?

Sitting towards the north end of the Willamette River and spanning two counties is the city of Milwaukie. Although the Milwaukie Museum at SE Adams St and SE 37th Avenue is small, it has a huge personality. The original historic house was built over 150 years ago and has been preserved for future generations to enjoy at its new location. But that’s not the only landmark that’s been restored. The Milwaukie Riverfront Park underwent a massive transformation and reopened in May 2015 with added parking, restrooms, and views to enjoy the Willamette. Residents of Milwaukie were thrilled at the transformation as a new spark of life surged into these aging properties. If you want the same feeling in your own home, call up Moving Forward Restoration LLC for property restoration in Milwaukie, and we’ll help your home or office look and feel like new!

We’re your local fire and water damage experts

You shouldn’t take fire damage lightly. Even smaller fires can leave lasting problems to your property if not handled properly.

  • Improper removal of burnt or unsalvageable items can cause burns or other harmful effects
  • Just like secondhand smoking, inhaling smoke after a house fire may cause problems with your lungs
  • When we filter out the air with our top-of-the-line air filtration system, it removes more than 99.9% of contaminants.

Have a flooded basement or other water damage?

When water gets in your home in places it shouldn’t be, removing it isn’t straightforward. And the more there is, the more pieces of equipment it takes to make sure it won’t have any lasting effects. Using quality dehumidifiers, air movers, and dryers, we’ll make sure that there’s no trace of water left in your floors or walls.

We can combat sewage backups and moldFire and smoke damage restoration Milwaukie

While sewage and mold are hard to fight, we know how to take them down. Many restoration companies resort to using heavy synthetic chemicals that have questionable side effects. We do things differently. Using the properties of chemistry, we fight these problems with safe, natural alternatives. Using botanical Benefect and hydrogen peroxide based Mold Express, we break down mold and sewage without breaking down your health.

We help clean up after a disaster!

Along with our restoration services, we do crawlspace cleanup and can help you rebuild with restoration construction too!

We’re your local emergency restoration company

When you’re looking for a restoration company, you don’t want a large corporation that won’t treat you like an individual. Instead, try our local technicians instead. We know every client and property is unique. Because we focus on the metro area, not only are we able to answer your call 24 hours a day, but we can get to you within 45 minutes in nearly every situation too. We also offer free visual inspections on water and mold damage, so you can get an idea of our honest pricing before we start. With no obligation, you have nothing to lose!

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