Mold Removal MilwaukieAre you in need of mold removal in Milwaukie?

Getting all of the mold out of your house can be a challenge. Because mold is a tiny microscopic organism and reproduces using spores that fly through the air, it’s not easy to get rid of it for good. While it might seem like the mold on the wall is immortal because it comes back to the same spot again and again, thankfully the reason for that is far more manageable. When mold returns to the same location, it’s not the same mold that was there before, but a new set of spores accumulating. Usually, it’s at the same spot because the conditions there attract mold and allow it to grow. At Moving Forward Restoration LLC, we’re up for the challenge for mold removal in Milwaukie and will use our skills and experience to make sure it won’t win!

What does your mold remediation in Milwaukie consist of?

In order to make sure that we take care of mold once and for all, it’s important to follow a thorough process that covers any unexpected contingencies. This process consists of the following:

  1. The visual inspection comes first. With our visual inspection, we’ll look around your entire house for mold spots. Usually, we’re able to find out why mold is growing at this time.
  2. After the visual mold inspection, with your approval, we’ll start the comprehensive mold inspection if needed. This often includes taking samples and running mold tests.
  3. Once we identify the source, we’ll prepare the area and seal off the section with the mold. By doing this, we can stop it from returning to the same area or moving to a new one.
  4. We thoroughly seal off the section, protect ourselves, and bring in all of our equipment into the area. Finally, we end with thorough mold removal and remediation.

What if the mold came from water damage?

Sometimes mold can be telegraphing a bigger issue like a burst pipe. We work with honest sub-contractors for jobs like this and can give you recommendations if you’d like. As for the water damage itself, water damage restoration is one of our specialties. With certification from the IICRC, you can choose us with confidence knowing that we put in the time and effort to make sure the job gets done right.


Mold Remediation MilwaukieWe’ll handle all of that pesky mold and keep your family safe!

While it’s important to remove that ugly mold from your household, it’s even more important to do so while keeping everybody who lives there safe. We do this by using industrial-grade cleaners that are all-natural and safe to be around. We’ve done our research and decided on cleaners that are strong enough to get rid of mold without the additional risk of health concerns of a substance like bleach, which is one of the primary reasons mold removal is so important to begin with. You don’t have to choose between getting rid of the mold on your walls and carpet and keeping the air and surfaces safe to use when you choose us! Call or contact us today for mold remediation in Milwaukie, and we’ll do the visual inspection for free!