Mold Remediation

Do you want to make sure mold goes away for good?

Mold is an ugly sight that nobody wants in their home or office. And once it gets in where it shouldn’t be, it multiplies and continues to spread. If you find mold at your property and want effective mold remediation, give us a call at Moving Forward Restoration LLC. We’ll make sure to not only take care of the current outbreak but also help protect your home against mold returning in the future.

Is mold harmful? Along with being ugly to look at, mold can cause serious health hazards, as well. Mold is a tiny microorganism, and you likely have negligible amounts in the air in your home already. In certain conditions, however, those small amounts can build up and accumulate throughout your property, especially in places you don’t normally check, like your crawl space and the corners of your attic. If enough mold is present, it can cause allergic reactions in certain people, but may also cause infections, fatigue, skin irritations, and more, and it should be removed as quickly as possible.


Don’t remove mold with other harmful chemicals!

Many mold remediation companies are able to remove mold from your business or residence but do so using harmful chemicals like Triclosan. This toxic compound kills mold, but also permeates the groundwater and hurts fish, streams, and more. We know that your health and the environment are important. That’s why we use a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner instead. Our eco-friendly Mold Express solution is just as effective at creating a sterile environment but does so without adding toxins to your property. And the powerful, all-natural disinfectant Benefect works great for sewage backups, too!

With many mold removing disinfectants, a harsh residue is left behind that is unhealthy not only for you but everything and everyone around you, as well. Instead of questionable artificial compounds that aren’t much better than the mold they’re getting rid of, we use botanical disinfectants that don’t leave anything behind. We use sustainable methods in all of our work, including fire and water and flood damage restoration. And once we’re through, we’re more than happy to help you rebuild!

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Our green alternative to mold removal gets rid of hurtful mold while keeping your family safe!

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