Is it time for professional mold removal in Oregon City?

You tried your best to beat that mold. You spotted it early, used a powerful disinfectant, and did your best to clean up the environment. But then it came back. Again. Not only that, but it’s spreading. And each time it seems like there’s a little more. It may be beyond your control to stop it on your own. But all is not lost! Moving Forward Restoration LLC is here to help by providing mold removal in Oregon City. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’ve found the source of mold in some extremely unusual places and eliminated it. And we’ll make sure to do the same for your property too.

We use natural cleaners in mold remediation so you stay safe

A lot of mold removal companies vow to kill mold, and will make sure they do it by any means necessary. We’re a little more discriminatory than that and choose to only try cleaners that won’t cause adverse health issues for your family.

  • The active ingredient in bleach, Sodium Hypochlorite, can be very damaging. Simply touching it can cause an adverse reaction. If you’ve worked with bleach before, you’ve probably noticed that just a few drops on dark clothing can stain it forever. Similarly, it hurts your skin too.
  • We make sure to get the mold out of your property, but do it safely. That’s why we use Benefect, an all-natural, botanical cleaner that has been proven to be just as effective as bleach without any of the associated risks. It’s even safe to eat food that’s been sprayed with it!
  • Sometimes mold remediation will take a little something extra to make sure it won’t come back. We may decide to combine Benefect with Mold Express, a much safer alternative to bleach that uses Hydrogen Peroxide instead of Sodium Hypochlorite.
What if I have black mold? While most molds are irritating because they can keep coming back, the black mold Stachybotrys chartarum isn’t something to play around with. Our trained professionals have the necessary equipment to protect themselves from this harmful mold without putting themselves in danger. If you notice black mold, call us right away and we’ll determine what kind it is through out free visual inspection!

Mold Remediation Oregon CityOur mold remediation in Oregon City is second to none!

At Moving Forward Restoration, we know that mold is much more than an eyesore. And if it gets into your carpets and walls it might seem like it’s impossible to get out. But we know how to handle mold on all kinds of material and can often remove it without the need to throw out the object. Mold often comes after a major water damage event and can appear suddenly. If you choose us, you can have one company do it all! We do several types of property damage restoration and can help you after fires, floods, sewage backups, and much more. Eliminate annoying communication mishaps and know just who to talk to by letting one company handle everything. Call us today or fill out a contact form for more information or to setup an appointment.