Mold Removal TigardHow can you get mold removal in Tigard?

Nobody wants mold in their home. Not only can it cause health problems and allergic reactions in certain people, but it takes over your drywall ruining wallpaper, paint, and more. But wiping it away isn’t enough. Sometimes even the strongest cleaners only seem to provide a temporary solution. But dousing the affected spot with a deluge of bleach likely won’t work as a solution. So what can you do instead? Call us over at Moving Forward Restoration LLC and let us take care of it for you. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our team is happy to come out to your property for mold removal in Tigard. Our restoration company makes sure that not only the job at hand is taken care of, but do our best to protect you from future mold breakouts too.

Mold often follows water

Mold likes water. It’s one of the microbes’ favorite things. Becuase of this, you’ll often find mold in moist environments. It’s also a good indication that you have something wrong in your pipes that you can’t see. If you notice mold appearing constantly in the same area even after you clean it up, check for slight discolorations at your walls and if there is an odd odor coming from the area. Mold is often an early indicator that you have a leaking pipe, and taking action early may let you get it repaired before it bursts!

We use safe, all-natural cleaners!

It’s not only important that we get the job done that you called us for, but that we keep you safe as well. Bleach is a powerful disinfectant that’s so harsh, simply being in its vicinity and breathing it in can be hazardous. We won’t put you and your family like risk like that. Instead, we use the natural Mold Express to get rid of mold at your property. And for other jobs such as water damage restoration, we use safe cleaners such as Benefect that does the job without hurting your health.


What can happen if I choose not to have mold remediation done?

Ignoring mold isn’t a good idea. With very small patches, you may be able to handle it on your own if it’s an isolated incident. But the more it spreads, the more likely you’ll need help from the professionals, as it gets harder to kill and can hurt both your property and your health.

  • Mold can affect the structural integrity of your property. When it grows on wood beams, for instance, it can spread and start to take over and weaken them.
  • A known health hazard, some types of mold, such as black molds, can cause difficulties with breathing, dizziness, nausea, and much more for some people.
  • Along with discoloring the appearance of your walls and carpet, it can ruin carpet and woodwork. Get it taken care of before you have to get replacements!

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