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Property restoration TualatinSeeking property restoration in Tualatin?

At the southern end of the PDX metro area is the small city of Tualatin. Even though it’s close to I-5, the city has managed to create the gorgeous Tualatin Commons Park, complete with trees, flower beds, and even a lake. At the other end of Town off SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd and SW Cipole Rd is the Tualatin Island Greens┬áthat feature an impressive driving range and mini golf course. But even in this great city, it’s not always lush and green. Accidents still happen, like when a local restaurant had a fire due to electrical hazards.┬áDisasters like this can be unpredictable, but when they do happen, call Moving Forward Restoration LLC for property restoration in Tualatin. We’ll work with you to restore and your rebuild your property back the to the way it should be.

Don’t wait! Putting off fire damage restoration can leave your property in a dangerous state and you could be breathing in harmful particles. Let us come clean up your property and your air for you.

We’ll help with fire and smoke damage

If you were lucky to have a small fire that was contained and only did minor damage, we can help restore your property quickly. Using a combination of restoration construction and quality equipment like our HEPA 500 air filter, we’ll fix it up right. But larger fires are more complex. If you had to have the fire department come by and douse the flames, you might have water damage on top of the destruction caused by the fire. Fortunately, we’re equipped to help you there too.

We’re experts in water damage restoration

Fire and water damage restoration TualatinWater can be tricky to fully remove from a property. Even when it seems to be mopped up, some moisture can remain in the carpet where it shouldn’t be and cause several problems.

  • Mold can grow beneath the surface in places you can’t see and bring in several health hazards such as infections and skin irritation
  • With enough water, the structure of your home can be compromised. This may require expensive repairs later on.
  • Depending on the water source, it could be mixed with harmful bacteria like in cases of a toilet or sewage backup.

Restore and Rebuild!

After restoring the essential parts of your property, we can also help you rebuild through restoration construction!

Choose our IICRC certified restoration company

We strive to be the best emergency restoration company around. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to become IICRC certified in water damage and drying. This gives you many added benefits so you can be assured that you’re getting the best possible work. And we’re always available! With 24 hour availability for emergencies, when you have a serious problem, you don’t have to wait until the next business day.

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