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Not all mold is bad for you. Some of them you may even be eating regularly in your food without even knowing it! Unfortunately, though, not all mold is healthy like the kind used in foods such as blue cheese. And when it’s on your drywall, on your furniture, or in your carpet, you certainly don’t want it around. But these harmful molds are also hard to eliminate for good. So what can you do? Let Moving Forward Restoration, LLC give it a try. As mold destroying experts, when you call us for mold removal in Tualatin, we make sure to get to the source of the problem so it won’t be coming back anytime soon.

What makes mold so difficult to kill? While fungus colloquially refers to mushrooms, it is actually the name of an entire kingdom of organisms with several million species. Within that kingdom are several hundred thousand organisms known as mold. Many of them exist all around us but grow rapidly in the right conditions, but are so tiny that they’re invisible. And unless those conditions are eliminated, these microscopic spores can find new places to stop and grow once more.

So if mold is everywhere, is it actually harmful then?

Mold Remediation TualatinWhile the mold itself typically isn’t toxic, it can release harmful mycotoxins that can cause health concerns for some people, such as:

  • Respiratory issues can start to manifest themselves or increase if these mycotoxins are breathed in. This includes problems such as coughing, plugged sinuses, and difficulties breathing.
  • Headaches and lightheadedness are another possible issue. If these symptoms start developing after a water damage event, mold is likely the cause.
  • In extreme situations, mold even has the potential to exaggerate dangerous conditions such as asthma or increase the likelihood of infection.
Be on the lookout for mold allergies! Some people are allergic to mold, and exposure can have serious consequences and can even be fatal.

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There’s a bad rumor going around that only the strongest, harshest, industrial chemicals have what it takes to get rid of mold. This simply isn’t true. Many industrial-grade chemicals are dangerous to be around and require heavy protection when applying them. That’s not the kind of substance you want in your home! Instead of opting for what other mold removal companies use, we use Benefect, a commercial grade cleaner that’s purely botanical combined with Mold Express. This means that it’s completely safe to use on any surface, and you can even put food directly on it and eat it if you want. Contrast that to high-content bleach cleaners that warn you not even to touch it, and you can see that the botanical route is clearly safer!

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