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Property restoration Vancouver WAWondering who to go to for property restoration in Vancouver WA?

Although it’s always struggled with identity, the city of Vancouver WA has its own rich heritage. Even though it’s the smaller of the cities named after famed explorer George Vancouver, The Fort Vancouver National Site teaches that Vancouver WA is actually older by over half a century. At nearly 200 years old, the city is primed for history buffs with attractions like the Pearson Air Museum at E 5th St and E Reserve St. But that doesn’t mean everything in the city is old and worn down. At the opposite end of town is the futuristic Flash Freeze Dreamery that creates custom desserts on the spot using liquid nitrogen. If a tank of liquid nitrogen spills, it evaporates almost immediately, but the same doesn’t go for water tank spills in your home. But property restoration in Vancouver WA by Moving Forward Restoration LLC can help!

Are my carpets wet? Since water is clear, you might not notice a spill or overflowing tub or toilet for quite some time. In instances like these, stopping the source is straightforward, but it’s not always so simple! Sometimes even the pros are puzzled by water leaks. This is because there are many places where water can get in. Pipes can burst, water lines can rupture, and so on. But we’ll keep searching until we get to the bottom of it and solve the problem!


Fire and water damage restoration Vancouver WAFor sewage backups and more, our air filtration system keeps you safe

Having reliable equipment is crucial for doing the best possible job. One type of machine we always have on hand is the impressive DefendAir Hepa 500 air scrubber that helps clean the air in your home or office.

  • The Hepa 500 filters out over 99.9% of harmful particulates so you can breathe in fresh air once more.
  • If you have problems with mold, we’ll clean up using our safe, botanical cleaners, then filter the air with our system.
  • Sewage smells bad and can cause infections with bacteria in the air. We’ll make sure it’s cleared out.
  • After a fire, harmful soot and smoke can invade your breathing space and cause lung issues. We’ll make sure you’re defended.

Need more than cleanup?

Our technicians are qualified and experienced in restoration construction too!

No matter the disaster, call us for help

There are many issues that can go wrong with your house that you can never fully plan for. Fires, floods, earthquakes, and more can break down your property no matter how prepared you are. But we’re here for you. When you have an emergency, we’re available 24 hours a day for emergency restoration. And our speed doesn’t stop there. With a 45 minute response time in the metro area, we’ll get there fast to reduce your damages.

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