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Property restoration WashougalIn need of the best property restoration Washougal has to offer?

As the furthest city east for quite a distance on Washington’s Highway 14, Washougal has plenty of options for the nature-goer. Captain William Park Regional Park off of Index St has a small river beach to enjoy in the warm summer months. And the docks at Steamboat Landing Park off 15th St make a great walking path when none of the pieces are missing. But being so close to the mighty Columbia River, in years of heavy rain parts of the town are at risk of flooding. And properties right near there or the Washougal River are especially at risk of floods and all the damage they can do. If you have a flooded basement or other problem and need property restoration in Washougal, call Moving Forward Restoration LLC. We’ll see it done the right way.

How can I get rid of this water? If you have visible water in your home and have soggy carpets, it’s nearly impossible to get it all out without industrial equipment. But our flood extractor and other quality equipment can certainly get the job done for you!

We won’t let mold keep you down

Mold is hard to fight. Sometimes, as soon as you get rid of the last bit you can find, it seems to reappear again like magic. So how do you stop it? Many restoration companies resort to dangerous chemical cleaners to make sure it stays away. We don’t. Instead, Benefect is an all natural solution that handles mold at the source. And it’s powerful enough to take on odors from sewage backups while still having the same disinfecting power as industrial cleaners.

Is fire damage restoration something you can do?

Fire and water damage restoration WashougalIt certainly is! Even though the damage from a large fire might seem insurmountable, our experienced technicians know what it takes to make your property look great again.

  1. First, we’ll assess the damage of your property by performing a comprehensive inspection.
  2. Next, we will clean out your property as best we can, removing any charred objects that can’t be repaired.
  3. We’ll do a thorough clean up of your structure and walls, including air filtration with the HEPA 500.
  4. Finally, if you’d like, we can work with you through restoration construction for structures that are too damaged to fix.
Be careful! Although it’s tempting to try to clean up right after the flames are put out, doing so could give you burns and be harmful to your health!

Let us handle all your restoration needs

When disaster strikes, call us first. We’re prepared for everything from major fires to crawlspace cleanup. We are even IICRC certified for water damage and drying. And we don’t wait around. Right after you call us, we’ll head over to your property as soon as we can. With 24-hour availability for emergencies, you can rest assured that whenever you need us, we’ll be there, helping you, move forward.

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