Water damage restoration CamasWant the best water damage restoration Camas has to offer?

Have you noticed a musty smell in or near your bathroom? Is there an unusual odor that permeates certain sections of your house? Are there strange colored rings on your wall? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have a water leak in your walls. And a small leak in the wall can be difficult to notice. But just because it’s a small leak doesn’t mean you won’t have big problems. A water leak likely means mold in your walls, something you should get taken care of as soon as possible. And Moving Forward Restoration LLC can take care of it for you. Doing all kinds of water damage restoration in Camas, whatever problem you have, we can handle it.

Accidentally break a pipe? Call us immediately! It doesn’t matter when it happened; in the middle of the day or late at night, feel free to give us a call for emergency restoration services.¬†

Our superior equipment can handle any water issue

When it comes to restoration, a technician can only be as good as their equipment. That’s why we have some of the best equipment around, to make sure our qualified technicians aren’t held back.

Water Extractors
The first thing we need to do is to get rid of any standing, visible water. If your floors are flooded, our flood extractor will remove a good portion of the water and greatly reduce the chance of any more added damage.
Once the water extractor has everything it can get, we’ll bring in the dehumidifiers. Using the standard-setting LGR Evolution¬†and Revolution dehumidifiers, most of the leftover moisture will disappear from your property.
Air movers and Dryers
The drying process is sped up with the use of commercial-grade air movers and wall cavity dryers. These make sure that any hidden moisture in hard-to-access areas is dealt with as well.
Indirect heat
Heat can significantly speed up drying. But if done the wrong way, it can potentially cause health hazards. Direct heating systems don’t separate the byproducts of combustion, meaning they can be funneled into your home. That’s why we use an indirect-fired heat system instead, to make sure everyone stays safe.

Can you do more than water?

Yes we can! Sewage backups, fire and smoke, restoration construction and even crawlspace cleanup, we can do them all!

Flooded basement HillsboroWe’re able to fix your flooded basement in Camas

If you ever notice water in your basement where it shouldn’t be, give us a call. A flooded basement can be the sign of a large problem in your pipe or water line. A wet basement is also prone to mold growth as they’re generally a cool area to begin with. We’ll make sure to take care mold and everything else. Our IICRC certified restoration technicians are waiting for your call. So when you have water damage, give us a call and let us get started!

How will this process work?

Each job is unique. Call us with your problem and we’ll get right to work!