When should I call for water damage restoration?

As soon as possible! We know that in many instances, the source of the water damage happens when nobody is at home. And in many cases, what you can see on the surface is only part of the problem. Because of this, as soon as you notice an issue, taking quick action can make the difference between having a small and large repair. If you’re having trouble locating the source, let the experts come by to help. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’ll be sure to track down the problem and stop it as soon as we can. So whenever you have the opportunity, call Moving Forward Restoration LLC for water damage restoration in Gresham.

Water damage restoration Gresham

Where did this water come from? Finding and stopping the source of a water leak is the easiest way to mitigate damage to your property. But what about when you can’t find the source? There are dozens of guides to help find hidden leaks, but sometimes even the pros can be puzzled for awhile. Depending on what kind of housing you live in, you may or may not have access to the area of the leak. In a condo, for example, the problem can be within the walls, or possibly from a neighboring unit, even though only yours feels the effects!

Come home to a flooded basement in Gresham?

Basements are a primary source of water leaking, as water generally has nowhere to go from there. As a result, the water in your house can accumulate in your basement, and we know that you’ll want it gone as soon as possible. With our availability, equipment, and certifications, we’re the best-equipped restoration company around.

Flooded houses don’t work around your schedule. We know this, so we’ll take your call anytime of the day or night for emergency restoration jobs. And we have a 45 minute response time for anywhere in the metro area!
Having high-quality equipment can make the difference between parts of the job taking hours and days. That’s why we only use top-of-the-line indirect-fired heating systemsdehumidifiers, and water extractors, to make sure you aren’t kept waiting.
IICRC certified technicians go through comprehensive knowledge and technical training to make sure that they can do the job right. This includes many benefits for you and gives us the tools to work faster and more efficiently.

Flooded basement Gresham

Have other restoration needs?

From sewage backups, to restoration construction, to fire and smoke damage, we can handle it all!

We’ll stop damage in its tracks

When you call us, we’ll come by for a free visual inspection that includes both water and mold assessments at your property. We’re always upfront and honest with our estimates and don’t include any hidden costs or fees. And we always wait for your approval before performing any work. So give us a call or contact us for water damage restoration in Gresham today!

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