Water damage restoration Happy Valley

Where can you go for water damage restoration in Happy Valley?

With rain so common in the Pacific Northwest, it’s become one of the few climate staples of the region. Except for the few summer months of the year, rain, rain, and more rain can be expected in the forecast. Most of the time, these sprinkles don’t do much harm and help keep the grass green. But what about the other times? Occasionally, rain becomes so heavy or so frequent, that there’s no place for water to go. This can leave puddles on streets or even flood homes. And with the ability to cause structural or health problems, property damage from water shouldn’t be taken lightly. But Moving Forward Restoration LLC is here to help. When you need any kind of water damage restoration in Happy Valley, give us a call and we’ll be there, helping you, move forward.

Our natural cleaners are just as effective!

When you have water damage and don’t act fast, mold is sure to follow. There are many known health hazards that go along with unsightly black mold, along with the difficulty of getting rid of it once and for all. But unfortuatnely, many conventional mold killers are nearly as toxic. These industrial chemicals can be just as hazardous of the thing they’re trying to get rid of! Some restoration companies accept this risk. We’re different. Doing extensive research and testing, we found natural substitutes such as Benefect made from plants and Mold Express that makes use of hydrogen peroxide. These eliminate mold without eliminating your well-being!


We’ll restore your flooded basement in Happy Valley

Basements are important because they’re the lowest point of your home. Many are built upon impermeable concrete. And water naturally moves downhill and to lower points, but since it can’t go through concrete, there’s nowhere for it to go! This means that water coming from leaks or pipe bursts in your home could all accumulate in one spot and leave you with a flooded basement. But with our speedy response times, superior equipment, and trained, certified staff, we’re ready to handle it.


If you have a flooded basement, you can’t afford to wait on someone who won’t come for several hours or even days! With a 45 minute response time to Happy Valley, you won’t be waiting long. You’ll be amazed at our speed both at getting to you and finishing the job!
Part of the reason that we can get our work done fast is because we’ve invested in powerful equipment. This includes top-of-the-line air movers, water extractors, indirect heating systems, and dehumidifiers so we can get in and out quickly.
We don’t just say we’re experts in our field; we have the certification to prove it! With certification by the IICRC  for water damage and applied structural drying, we know the techniques that have been proven to work.

Flooded basement Happy Valley

Need a professional cleanup crew?

We’re on the job! Our dedication to restoration cleanup extends from your attic to your crawlspace. And we’re ready to help with fires, sewage, mold, and much more!

What do I do to get started?

Call our local office and we’ll prepare to come by