Water damage restoration HillsboroAre you wanting the best water damage restoration in Hillsboro?

There are many unexpected things that can happen to your home or office. Some of them are more direct and straightforward, like fires, while others are subtle. Water generally falls into the latter category. Pipes can burst in your walls or beneath your floors and take some time to notice. Or you might come home to a flooded basement. In situations like these, it may seem like water on your floors can simply be sopped up and allowed to dry on its own, but this can bring a host of problems for you, your family, and your property. Don’t take the risk. Instead, call your local professionals at Moving Forward Restoration LLC. We’ll send the experts out for water damage restoration in Hillsboro that will use their experience to minimize damage to you and your home.

Have a late night emergency? Don’t get too worried! Some restoration companies only work during convenient hours, but we have 24-hour availability for emergencies just in case something goes wrong in the middle of the night.

Proper restoration starts with the right equipment

We know that improper equipment does an inadequate job. That’s why our water restoration jobs use a combination of extractors, dehumidifiers, heating, and more.

Water Extractors
If you have standing water that would fill a hundred buckets, where do you start? Our flood extractor is basically a large vacuum system designed to pull out large quantities of water at once and get it out of your property.
The water extractor will take out a good portion of the visible water on most jobs, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. We combine it with quality LGR Revolution and LGR Evolution dehumidifiers to pull out any stubborn moisture.
Air movers and Dryers
In combination with the dehumidifiers, axial air movers and wall cavity dryers speed up the process by forcing the moist water out of the hidden cracks of your floors and walls.
Indirect heat systems
A heating system can be a necessary element to make the drying process go smoothly. Some heating systems pump in harmful byproducts of combustion into your home, but our indirect-fired heating separates the two, so no harmful particulates get in.

What else do you do?

Besides water damage, we can fix sewer and mold problems, clean your crawlspace, and fire and smoke damage!


Flooded basement HillsboroWe’ll restore your flooded basement in Hillsboro

If you have a wet, flooded basement, you can have dozens of gallons of water that must be removed. And the sooner we start, the better. With technicians who are IICRC certified in commercial drying and water damage restoration, damp basements don’t stand a chance. Combined with our 15 years of experience in the industry, when you choose us, you’re sure to be impressed!

How will it work?

Call us and we’ll come over for an inspection and more