Water damage restoration MilwaukieWanting water damage restoration in Milawukie?

When rivers or lakes flood an area, you might be lucky enough to be at a high enough elevation to avoid them. And in all but the worst cases of flooding, usually, there’s fair warning. There’s often enough time to add sandbags near the body of water for protection. And sometimes, entire streets are blocked off so that homes and buildings aren’t flooded. But what about when it’s sudden? What about when it happensĀ insideĀ your home? You might not be prepared or even aware that it’s happening and come home to extensive damage from water. If that ever happens, Moving Forward Restoration LLC is ready. When there’s a problem, call us and we’ll be there, helping you, move forward.

We use all natural mold cleaners

Water damage and mold often come hand in hand. While many adverse health effects can be attributed to mold, the same goes for mold killers. Traditional mold disinfectant is made from industrial chemicals that can just as hazardous as the mold they aim to destroy. Many restoration companies take that risk. We don’t. Instead, we go the natural route, using proven effective safe substitutes. Botanical Benefect and peroxide-based Mold Express get the job done without questionable side effects.


Come to us if you have a flooded basement in Milwaukie

We’re ready for any size job that you have. Even if you have a flooded basement, we’ll head right over as soon as we can to take care of it. With our fast response, quality equipment, and certifications, we won’t be beat by anyone around.

While quality is an essential aspect of business, waiting around while your wet basement fills will only make the problem worse. That’s why we’re dedicated to reaching you within 45 minutes. The sooner we can get to the source of the problem, the better!
Response time is important, but what about after the restoration company arrives? You don’t want them there any longer than need to be. That’s why we use powerful water extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers to speed up the process.
Anybody can claim to be an expert in whatever they do. But with IICRC certification in water damage and drying, we’ve gone one step further to prove it. And when you see our IICRC logo, you’ll know we do things right!

Flooded basement Milwaukie

Have something besides water problems?

We can do that too! With equipment for fires, sewage cleanup, crawlspaces, and even reconstruction, we’re here to help!

Call us anytime

Disasters and accidents can happen anytime. Many businesses close on nights on weekends, but we know that you can’t wait. That’s why we’re available anytime for emergency restoration services. You can’t afford to let water continue to flow into your floors when you have a burst pipe or other problem. And we won’t make you wait. Call us today!

How does the process work?

Once you call us, we’ll guide you through the rest