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Water is a powerful natural element. It’s the source of life that guides the world. But it can also be incredibly destructive. Hurricanes and tsunamis can wash away entire cities in the blink of an eye. While not likely to happen in the Pacific Northwest, it’s still a disaster when you come home to find your basement flooded or your house full of water. If this happens to you, call Moving Forward Restoration LLC for water damage restoration in Oregon City.  Over our 15 years in the industry, we’ve grown to respect the power of water and know everything it takes to restore your property back to normal again.


Does your Oregon City home have a flooded basement?

When water comes up in your basement, it’s almost impossible to remove on your own. Fortunately, we have just the tools for the job.

Water Extractors
Since basements by definition are already beneath ground level, there’s no natural place for the water to go. But our KleenRite Mega 3 Flood Extractor will pull the water from your floor and carpets and send it back where it belongs.
Although it’s powerful, the water extractor can’t get rid of all the water. Especially not on softer floors like carpet. That’s why we use both LGR Evolution and LGR Revolution dehumidifiers to pull out any remaining moisture quickly.
Dryers and air movers
Some parts of your property hold moisture better than others and are hard to access. But with a combination of axial air movers and wall cavity dryers, we’re able to reach even the toughest places and dry them properly.
Indirect heat systems
Indirect-fired heating systems work by separating the heat put into the property and the byproducts of producing the heat. These systems have been shown to be safer overall because only clean air is sent inside.


Notice mold? Mold is notorious for returning after being cleaned up. Because it’s so resilient, many restoration companies result to extremely harsh chemicals. They think it’s the only way to eliminate it, but there safer alternatives. We use family-friendly natural products like Benefect and Mold Express. These natural options have been shown to be just as effective without the dangerous side effects of synthetic chemicals.
Flooded basement Oregon City

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From a dripping ceiling to a flooded basement, we’ll handle every part of your home for you. And we aren’t limited to water damage either. Problems with sewage? Not for long. Had a fire? Big or small, our fire and smoke damage restoration can help. We can even help clean up your crawl space and assist in rebuilding with restoration construction. So when you need the best quality property restoration in Oregon City, call or contact us today!

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