• Need help with water damage in Portland?
  • Make sure your restoration company is IICRC Certified
  • Qualified restoration experts should work on your property
  • The best mold removal services are essential!
  • Is their property restoration comprehensive and thorough?
  • Do they use natural, safe, green cleaners?

Rainfall is a staple of living in Portland. It’s an asset to the environment when it’s in its proper place. But what about when water ends up where it shouldn’t be? Whether it’s from natural causes or a plumbing mistake, Moving Forward Restoration LLC can help. Whenever you have water damage in Portland, our restoration services can mop up the mess at your property and make it look great again. Whenever you need us we’ll be there, helping you to move forward.

Water damage restoration Portland

What if the damage is minor? Water is unusual in many ways. Along with its unique properties, it also has a unique way of harming your property. Especially on softer floors like carpets, water spills can seep beneath the top level and into the baseboards. And once it penetrates the surface level, it can be extremely hard to remove.

If your sub-floor becomes moist, it can cause structural damage or allow mold to grow, which can bring in a slew of health hazards. If you are able to see or feel water on your floor, often there’s a lot more underneath, and it’s a good idea to get a free visual inspection from us to make sure it isn’t too bad.

We have the latest water restoration equipment

Our 15 years of experience in the industry combined with top-of-the-line equipment means that water doesn’t stand a chance.

Water Extractors
Getting rid of the water is the first step. We use the KleenRite Mega 3 Flood Extractor that has all the power of a mounted extractor with mobile portability.
Reducing the humidity of your property inhibits microbe growth and assists the drying process. Our LGR Revolution and LGR Evolution dehumidifiers get it done fast and effectively.
Air movers and dryers
We use industrial-grade axial air movers and wall cavity driers when necessary for air flow and circulation and to make sure no water is left behind when we’re through.
Indirect heat systems
Our technicians utilize indirect-fired heating systems to assist in the drying process to minimize risks to your family and reduce the chance of further property damage.

Need something besides water damage restoration?

Our qualified technicians are also experienced in sewage backup cleanup, smoke and fire damage restoration, crawl space cleanups, and more!

Are they IICRC certified? Always check for the IICRC logo! IICRC certification provides many benefits, which is why we’ve taken the time to become certified in water damage restoration as well as applied structural drying!

Choose our water damage restoration company

When you come to us, we do whatever it takes to see the job through to the end. As a full-service water and flood clean up company, we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of from beginning to end. Even if you have a flooded basement in your Portland property, we’ll remove all the water and make it look like new again. Still not sure? When you call us, we’ll stop by and do a visual inspection for you; completely free!
Interior Water Damage Portland

What’s your process?

We want to keep things simple for everybody. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!