Water damage restoration TigardAre you looking for the best water damage restoration in Tigard?

Waiting to contact a restoration company when you have water damage is a terrible mistake. Especially if water is continuously leaking from somewhere, the amount of damage will only increase over time. To combat this, you need an emergency restoration company that will answer your call quickly and get to you shortly after. If you’re looking for a company like this, give Moving Forward Restoration LLC a try. Our water damage restoration in Tigard is sure to impress with our speedy service and response times, and once we arrive, our state-of-the-art equipment will get the job done efficiently too.

Do I really NEED restoration services? You may or may not need water damage restoration, depending on how much water you’re dealing with and where it’s at. If you had a slight overflow for a couple minutes in the bathtub, for example, you’re likely safe to soak up the excess water with some towels, and that will be enough. If it’s been several hours, however, that’s a different story. When water sits in areas that aren’t equipped to handle it for too long, it can soak through the top level down beneath, where it’s very difficult to get rid of. This problem is compounded on permeable floors like carpet, where water can get into the subfloor and cause structural damage if not taken care of properly.


Dealing with a flooded basement in Tigard?

Major water restoration jobs take more effort and equipment that many restoration companies aren’t equipped with. We are.

Even the best restoration technicians are limited by the quality of their equipment. We know this, and use only the best dehumidifiers, water extractors and drying systems to make sure we aren’t held back by low-quality machinery.  
Since having to wait for a company to answer your call can compound the damage to your property, we’re available day and night. That means whenever you need us we’ll be there, helping you, move forward.
As a global leader in cleaning and restoration, the IICRC has strict standards and emphasizes ethics in business so that customers know they’re getting the best quality services around. Only first-rate companies like us can proudly display the IICRC logo!

Flooded basement Tigard

Considering our other services?

Along with water damage restoration, we can help with crawl space clean up, mold removal, fire damage, sewage backups, and more!

We always work with you

Some restoration companies try to get their foot in the door so they can bill you for work you didn’t agree to, making you feel backed into a corner. We’ll never do that. Transparency is one of our core principles, which is why we’ll always wait for your approval before doing any work and always ask you first if we have to make changes to the plan. From the free visual inspection to restoration construction, we always work with you and provide honest, straightforward estimates.

How does the process go?

We want things to be simple. Call us and we’ll take care of the rest!