Wondering who to go to for water damage restoration in Vancouver WA?

With a number of companies claiming to do water damage restoration in Vancouver WA, how do you know which one to go with? How do you know which one is best? The optimal restoration company will use the best equipment available to them. They’ll have experience in proven certification in the areas they claim to be experts in. They will be versatile and experienced, able to handle any restoration needs you have. They’ll be friendly and timely, quick to answer your call and quick to arrive when you need them. And they’ll do all of it at a great value. The only company around that meets all the requirements is Moving Forward Restoration LLC.

Water damage restoration Vancouver WA

We're certified by the credible IICRC

As a leader in certification for cleaners, the IICRC puts in place high standards companies must meet to earn certified status. These include continuing education, comprehensive knowledge exams, demonstratable techniques, and more. Only after these things and a dedication to customer service are met can a restoration company earn the distinguished IICRC logo. Being certified in water damage restoration along with applied structural drying, we’ll make you’re well taken care of when you come to us for these or any other services. 

End up with a flooded basement in Vancouver WA?

While flooding can happen anywhere in a home, basements are a very common area where water ends up. And a wet basement takes extensive experience, the right equipment, and a timely response to remedy.

We’ve been in the restoration business for quite awhile. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that we’ve seen and been a part of just about every kind of restoration job there is.
As restoration professionals, it’s important to have reliable equipment. That’s why we use equipment that’s proven to be effective. This includes dehumidifiers, air movers, indirect-fired heating systems, dryers, water extractors, and more.
If you have a flooded basement, waiting around will only cause the damage to get worse. Because of this, you can call us anytime you have an emergency, night or day, and we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

Flooded basement Vancouver WA

Dealing with more than water?

We’re familiar with smoke and fire damage, crawlspace cleanup, restoration construction, and more!

We’ll get rid of mold and odors

When there’s water damage, mold usually isn’t far behind. With timely response–usually by addressing the problem within 48 hours–we can stop mold before it starts. But if it’s been longer, our mold remediation will take care of your property. When cleaning is difficult, we bring out the tough cleaners. But that doesn’t mean we use harmful chemicals that can cause as many health problems as the issue they’re trying to fix. Instead, we use natural solutions like Benefect that attack the source without attacking your health. This goes for other toilsome issues like sewage backups too. We’ll keep you safe!

What do I do next?

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