Water damage restoration WilsonvilleWho can do comprehensive water damage restoration in Wilsonville?

As a subtle infiltrator, it can take some time to notice water damage slowly building up. Unlike fires that leave a trail of smoke and burning odors behind, it can be awhile before you even notice the buildup of water when it’s out of sight. This could be in the pipes in your drywall or even in your crawlspace. If it’s not somewhere you check often, the integrity of your property could be being chipped away at without your knowledge. And the longer it goes unchecked, the more likely you’ll have problems later on. But don’t despair! Moving Forward Restoration LLC is here for water damage restoration in Wilsonville. We can repair even the most severe water damage and help protect your property against future problems.

How do I check the walls for mold? When you have water damage resulting from something like a burst internal pipe, it’s difficult to check for mold. Normally, when you’re able to see mold, it means that enough of it has come together at one spot that particles are likely all over. But you can’t see in the walls. The best way is to let the professionals like us take care of it. We have the right training, knowledge, and equipment to properly test for mold and see if you have harmful levels behind the walls.


We handle severe problems like a flooded basement in Wilsonville too

Water naturally flows downward whenever possible. And unfortunately, if you have a basement, that’s usually as far down as it can go due to it being built on a concrete foundation that water can’t penetrate. This means that the water has nowhere to go and accumulates in pools at this low point and is the reason a flooded basement is more common that it might seem. So how do we take care of it?

Our knowledgeable staff is prepared for any type of water damage

With our experience in the industry combined with our IICRC water damage certification and first-rate equipment, we’re equipped to stop and reverse water damage at your property.

A rookie would have trouble figuring out to do when up against an unusual issue like a mysterious leak that can’t be found. But with over 15 years of experience in the industry, we know the common places to look–and the uncommon ones too.
IICRC certification shows you that your restoration team is dedicated to doing more than the minimum. And by working hard to earn this certification for both water damage restoration and structural drying, we make sure to solve the problem at the source.
By investing in high-quality equipment, we’re investing in our future–and yours. Better machinery means faster work and more efficiency, which ends up saving you both time and money for your property restoration services!

Flooded Basement Wilsonville

Can I use you for other restoration services?

We don’t only work with water damage! Call us to clean out your crawlspace, help you with fire damage, rebuild your home structure, and more!

Where do I start?

Give our team a call at our local office and we’ll handle the rest