Mold Removal WilsonvilleHave you been attempting mold removal in Wilsonville with no luck?

If you’ve ever noticed a spot of mold and wiped it up only to have it reappear again the next day, you might wonder if these microorganisms have some kind of superpower. Do they burrow into walls when they sense a cleaner being sprayed in their direction? Perhaps it’s a revival mechanism in their cell biology that allows them to come back to life after 24 hours. Or maybe they’ve always been there and are simply the same color as the wall. At Moving Forward Restoration LLC, our property restoration team knows mold and can tell you it’s much simpler than this! And because we know the secrets of mold, when you call us for mold removal in Wilsonville you can be sure that we’ll use that knowledge to our advantage!

So what’s the secret of mold then? No, mold isn’t immortal or the next step in evolution (hopefully). And while it may seem like the mold you remove the day or for magically reappears, what’s actually happening is that new spores grow in the same spot. Why the same spot? Mold is a microscopic organism, and exists in the air in small amounts at all times. When enough of it accumulates that you can see it, this means that the area with the mold growth is an environment that it likes, usually somewhere humid and warm. This is how mold can signify other problems such as leaking pipes in the walls that you could have no idea about!

Does all mold behave the same way?

According to the CDC, there could be three hundred thousands species of mold or even more. Of course, with so many different varieties, no two are exactly the same. While all mold falls within the Fungi Kingdom, the many different types means that there are different behaviors. Some mold is benign and helpful and nothing to be alarmed about, such as Penicillin that is used for medicine. Other molds are toxigenic–they produce harmful toxins–such as Stachybotrys chartarum, often simply called black mold. At Moving Forward Restoration, we’re familiar with the types of mold that come after water damage or that appears in your home where it shouldn’t be.

Our mold remediation is the best around!

With many mold removal companies near Wilsonville, you might be wondering how we stand out from the crowd. We do so by providing superior service with knowledgeable technicians and only the best quality products and equipment.

  • Mold Remediation WilsonvilleOur water damage and mold removal equipment is top-of-the-line. By using efficient equipment such as the DefendAir HEPA 500 air scrubber, we can quickly remove contaminants from your air and elsewhere, including lingering mold spores.
  • We only use safe, natural mold cleaners. By avoiding harmful chemicals such as bleach and sodium hypochlorite, we can eliminate the mold in your property without eliminating your and your family’s good health.
  • With over 15 years of experience in the industry and certification from the IICRC, we go the extra mile from our customers and keep up to date on the latest best practices for mold removal and all of our other services.

Let us handle your mold removal in Wilsonville

With a fast response time and an efficient crew, you won’t be disappointed when you choose us!